Molly McBride and the Purple Habit

Molly McBride and the Purple Habit, by Jean Schoonover-Egolf

You’ve never met a feisty five-year-old quite like Molly McBride! She wears the purple habit of the Children of Mary Sisters absolutely everywhere.  She’s spunky, she’s sweet, and she’s determined not to wear a fancy dress to her sister’s First Communion when her purple habit will do just fine, thank you!  Molly learns about this special sacrament, and the vows of the sisters through her tender relationship with them.  Sister Bernadette teaches Molly with clear and simple language that is age-appropriate but never talking down to her.  Molly’s wolf-pet, Francis joins the action of the Big Day as Molly dreams of becoming a nun.

Jean Schoonover-Egolf is a talented writer and artist whose charming watercolor-style art perfectly complements this tale of a little girl’s journey of faith.

Published by eighthobbits

Catholic homeschooler, mom of many who loves to edit fantasy/sci-fi books. She also copyedits, writes, and blogs.

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