Molly McBride and the Plaid Jumper

Molly McBride, Book 2, Catholic vocations awareness, Catholic fiction, Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval winner

Molly McBride and the Plaid Jumper by Jean Schoonover-Egolf


In this second installment of the Molly McBride series, Molly faces the fashion dilemma of what to wear to her first day of kindergarten at Holy Trinity School.  How can she be special if she must put on the plaid jumper like every other girl? Molly meets Dominic, a boy at school who wears a priest costume and feels the same way.

Father Matt shows up to school in an interesting ensemble too!  Then he teaches the kids about the love of God, who sees beyond our sartorial choices.  Uniforms are important in their proper time and place, so what will Molly wear to school in the end?

Anyone who has attended Catholic school will get a giggle or two, along with a valuable life lesson from Molly and her friends. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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