The Daily Examen Journal: A 30-Day Spiritual Retreat

The Daily Examen Journal on Amazon

In this new era dawning, where stress and anxiety are at all-time highs, what better time to work on the foundation of faith that will help lift you up? The Daily Examen Journal: A 30-Day Spiritual Retreat by Jerry Windley-Daoust is the perfect companion to ease you into a new season, and a better understanding of yourself and God.

This is a beautiful and relaxing book to guide you through the Ignatian Examen, which is a way of praying and connecting with God’s presence. Each day has six parts: pray, give thanks, examine, respond, resolve, and pray again. Accompanied by quotes from the Bible and the saints, as well as black-and-white nature drawings, this book is just waiting for you to retreat into, knowing that God is watching over you. Spend some much-needed quiet time with Him.

A quote from the book:
“And now, Desire of my soul,
my soul desires to wait on you a little space,
and to taste and see how gracious you are, O Lord.
I implore your tender mercy
to give me peace and silence from all things,
whether outward or inward.”
William of St.-Thierry

Each journal page is lined with ample space for writing. I love the sketches of the woods, owls, roses, etc. and the simplicity of this book. Some journals are too busy-looking and strain the eyes. This one is joyous and calming.

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