Little Runty Goes Home

In the last installment of the Little Runty trilogy, our intrepid little donkey journeys with the Holy Family back home again after seven years away in Egypt. This was my favorite of the three books, because Little Runty’s familiar narration gives us so many good lessons of moral character, and ultimately, hope. He steers us a path to Heaven, just as he bore the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus with unerring faithfulness.

I never fail to be amazed at all of the miracles that come from Jesus and through Him. When they are practically starving while crossing the desert, angels bring food for the Holy Family and Runty. This has the effect in the story of being miraculous, and also very practical. God was carrying them through trials, just as Little Runty bore them through the harsh sands.
This book, and indeed the whole trilogy goes on at length about the Holy Family, and how people were healed in their presence. In every village and town, people came to see them just to be nearer to God, in the hope of healing. Children will delight in these stories, especially the happy ending for Runty who could have been sold or given away. I agree with Susan Peek, author of St. Magnus, the Last Viking that these books are perfect for every Catholic child at Christmas. And indeed, they are perfect for everyone’s bookshelf because people need to know about the revelations of Mary, even in modern times.

Note: As of 5/17/21, the author has informed me that these books are out of print and will no longer be sold on Amazon.

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