Little Runty On the Road

What a great story! Martina Parnelli’s second tale of Little Runty, the donkey who belonged to the Holy Family bubbles over with enthusiasm. This marvelous account will draw young readers into the escape to Egypt, with miracles, angels, and Runty who is swept along on a tide of emotions. Will they find enough food in the desert? Will they be able to help the poor they meet?
Runty grows to care very deeply for the Holy Family and has many adventures with them. He feels their joys and sorrows keenly. Here is an excerpt from their escape to Egypt:

“At last, They began to see signs of towns and people. Finally! But what very odd images these people had in their cities! Carved of rock and placed before large temples, strange-looking creatures towered tall or lay prone in giant poses – or they did anyway, until the Holy Family came to town!”

This book continues the story of the early days of Jesus’s life, narrated by the donkey who bears every burden the Holy Family gives him. Children will enjoy reading this to younger siblings during Advent and Christmas. For 3rd grade and up.

Note: As of 5/17/21, the author has informed me that these books are out of print and will no longer be sold on Amazon.

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