Interview with Tammy Fernando

A Prayer from the Heart on Amazon I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a wonderful children’s book author, Tammy Fernando. Born in Sri Lanka and currently residing in England, Fernando has a heart for children in more ways than one. Her debut book, A Prayer from the Heart reminds us all that the HolyContinue reading “Interview with Tammy Fernando”

Ashes: Visible & Invisible

by the Catholic Teen Book Authors Ashes: Visible & Invisible on Amazon I am officially addicted to short stories by my favorite Catholic Teen Book authors. Their latest installment contains 10 Lenten tales for teens and everyone else who enjoys a good yarn.  Weaving the faith into drama, historical fiction, dystopian, contemporary, and even sci-fi,Continue reading “Ashes: Visible & Invisible”

Wisdom & Inspiration from the Saints

Dead Theologians Society Buy this book here: Happy Valentine’s Day to all! In honor of St. Valentine, it is a sheer delight to present to you this lovely little book of quotes from the Saints. No, not the football team from New Orleans!  I mean the team of priests, poets, teachers, and martyrs ofContinue reading “Wisdom & Inspiration from the Saints”