A Life Such as Heaven Intended

A Life Such as Heaven Intended by Amanda Lauer on Amazon Against the sprawling backdrop of the Civil War, Southern belle Brigid McGinnis comes of age. When she happens upon a wounded Confederate soldier on her father’s estate, she faces a huge dilemma: how do you hide a man in a house full of servantsContinue reading “A Life Such as Heaven Intended”

Seal of Approval Award Winner

God Made the Moonlight Awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval June 15, 2020 I am so thrilled to announce that my first children’s book won the CWG Seal of Approval! This is a peer-reviewed prize that is awarded quarterly to books that support Catholic beliefs and values and have a high level ofContinue reading “Seal of Approval Award Winner”

What Do Homeschoolers Do After Graduation? They Write Children’s Books About Fashion

As a homeschooling mom who writes children’s books, I am so excited to buy the upcoming celebration of all things girly, Wendy’s Wacky Wardrobe. The author, Maria Shappert is a former homeschooled student in her 20s with a flair for tiara-based fun. Her witty words practically fly off the page, as her main character ripsContinue reading “What Do Homeschoolers Do After Graduation? They Write Children’s Books About Fashion”