What Do Homeschoolers Do After Graduation? They Write Children’s Books About Fashion

Wendy's Wacky Wardrobe

As a homeschooling mom who writes children’s books, I am so excited to buy the upcoming celebration of all things girly, Wendy’s Wacky Wardrobe. The author, Maria Shappert is a former homeschooled student in her 20s with a flair for tiara-based fun. Her witty words practically fly off the page, as her main character rips everything out of her closet as she wrestles with both her sense of fashion, and her penchant for collecting things. Think Fancy Nancy meets Barbie.

The underlying moral of the story is that although it is delightful to be a girl wearing baubles and bows, trinkets and tap shoes and scarves and sparkles, it is greater to serve others by giving away what you don’t need. I am a mom to 5 girls, and I have always tried to raise them to appreciate fashion without being a slave to it. It doesn’t matter what other people are wearing, or how many bangle bracelets are absolutely necessary to take to church. We need to find a middle ground so we can celebrate our feminine beauty without comparing our clothes to others. It is so important that girls develop a sense of self-worth beyond what is in their closet on any given day.

Wendy’s Wacky Wardrobe does that beautifully by expressing in rhyme what an older sister would tell her younger sibling about buying too much stuff. It is normal for girls to have trouble making decisions about what to wear, when they have so many choices in front of them. I absolutely love the pages where Wendy gives away items that other people can use, even going so far as to organize a clothing drive. This book is coming out in October 2020 from Perpetual Light Publishing. Visit Maria’s Facebook author page at www.facebook.com/mariashappert/.

Author Maria Shappert

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Catholic homeschooler, mom of many who loves to edit fantasy/sci-fi books. She also copyedits, writes, and blogs.

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