A Storyteller’s Guide to a Grace-Filled Life

A Storyteller’s Guide to a Grace-Filled Life by Tony Agnesi on Amazon

Tony Agnesi’s 70-plus stories and reflections from his Italian Catholic upbringing are the kind of gift that just keeps giving. In this month of St. Valentine, I wanted to recommend this delightful book as a present from the heart. It is perfect for grandparents to give their children and grandchildren, and vice versa: a learned but light tome for any older person who needs a reminder that they are loved.   

Agnesi is a wonderful storyteller. His words flow effortlessly off the page, radiating empathy and connection, and imparting wisdom in a fun way.  Each tale is a brief two to three pages. From The Lone Ranger to the power of forgiveness, Agnesi covers it all with aplomb and a call to live your best life, walking with Jesus.

I read this over the course of a year in the few minutes each day away from my toddlers, and I’m recommending it for Valentine’s Day, or an early start to Christmas shopping for next year.

In light of Covid, I’m sure we all know someone in a nursing home or hospice, or simply in the hospital who could use a daily dose of encouragement. The Bible verses in each of Agnesi’s stories are well-chosen, and the chapters are divided into sections based on different graces: God’s grace in the family, the virtues, at the holidays, in daily life, and in prayer. It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh wait, it does! Agnesi just released book 2.  Grazie!

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