Treasures: Visible and Invisible

Treasures Visible and Invisible by Authors of on Amazon

In the grand tradition of Irish storytelling comes a marvelous anthology of tales just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, in this year or any other. The Catholic Teen Book authors Theresa Linden, Susan Peek, Antony B. Kolenc, Amanda Lauer, Carolyn Astfalk, Leslea Wahl, T.M. Gaouette, and Corinna Turner bring their A-game to the short-story format. Fans of their work will recognize many characters that have been previously covered here at New readers will be delighted by the amazing journey from 4th-century Ireland all the way up to a future time in England. Each story takes place in a different time period, and contains a literal touchstone: the Shamrock of St. Patrick, a marbled green and brown stone in the shape of a three-leaved clover.

The Shamrock Stone travels from place to place, always providing a reminder to turn to St. Patrick in prayer and ask for his intercession before the throne of Jesus. Miracles both big and small have always followed the beloved patron of Ireland. I truly do not want to give too much away, but here is a sample of the literary feast:

Kidnapped by pirates, made to herd sheep, and tormented by druids, Magonus wrestles with his need for God. Will he be able to save a crippled boy from becoming a sacrifice?

A clumsy and forgetful young monk gets the shock of his life after a special gift from his favorite saint.

Lucy, a girl at a convent goes on a treasure hunt for a dying nun, and learns something about deep love along the way.

A beautiful lass and a handsome lad have an unexpected meeting outside an empty monastery. Will the evil surrounding King Henry VIII come between them?

William’s poor Irish family in Pennsylvania during the late 1800s need a miracle to save their little brother from scarlet fever.

Grace finds herself trapped in a speakeasy and surrounded by mobsters. Will St. Patrick guide her to a way out?

A runaway on the streets of modern-day London, Hannah meets an odd boy with a surprising secret.

Can Kyle save the precious shamrock stone, or will the authorities take him away to be dismantled in a dystopian future?

All of these stories have adventure and excitement appropriate for ages 12 and up. There are no caveats of bad language or behavior to warn parents of in any of them. These authors are the best of the best for teenagers, and fun for adults who like to read. You may find them at, and check out their other anthologies, Secrets Visible and Invisible, and Gifts Visible and Invisible. I eagerly await the full-length books that may sprout from these Irish tales.

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