Ella’s Promise

Ella’s Promise by Ellen Gable on Amazon An American nurse from Philadelphia named Ella Neumann works in a French hospital camp during World War I. Her cantankerous supervisor, Sr. Nora refuses to promote Ella because she speaks German, and the good sister is wrestling with her hatred of the enemy and the war in general.Continue reading “Ella’s Promise”

Life-Changing Love: A West Brothers Story – Book 2

Life-Changing Love on Amazon Theresa Linden does it again with her second book in the West Brothers series, Life-Changing Love. Teenagers dealing with first crushes, courtship, dating, and going way overboard make for an entertaining read. But when you add in struggles with modesty, brotherhood, faith, and the ultimate struggle of temptation and its consequences,Continue reading “Life-Changing Love: A West Brothers Story – Book 2”