A Life Such as Heaven Intended

A Life Such as Heaven Intended by Amanda Lauer on Amazon

Against the sprawling backdrop of the Civil War, Southern belle Brigid McGinnis comes of age. When she happens upon a wounded Confederate soldier on her father’s estate, she faces a huge dilemma: how do you hide a man in a house full of servants and family? To make matters worse, the soldier, Dominic, has lost his memory.

As she nurses him back to health, Dominic falls for the young fraulein. Tragic events in their past bring them both together in a time of massive uncertainty. Both must go on in the war, as duty and honor work to separate them. Brigid wrestles with a crumbling society and values that are questioned. Is her father truly a slave owner? What are the mysterious sounds from the root cellar at night?

Dominic’s past haunts him, and his present is confused with his slowly returning memory. As Sherman prepares to attack Atlanta, Dominic must negotiate with Catholic priests, dodge old enemies, and survive in battle. Will he ever find Brigid again? Meanwhile, Brigid must tread among slaves, nuns, and bounty hunters. Their lives depend on their shared faith in God and surrender to Him is the only way to get through their turmoil. From Georgia to Arkansas, to the plains of East Texas, this story will sweep you right along with it.  Book Two in Amanda Lauer’s Heaven Intended series is just as exciting as the first one, and you may need a tissue or two before the dramatic ending.

Published by eighthobbits

Catholic homeschooler, mom of many who loves to edit fantasy/sci-fi books. She also copyedits, writes, and blogs.

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