Summer at West Castle

Summer at West Castle by Theresa Linden is available on Amazon here

Theresa Linden does it again with her latest installment of the West Brothers series, Summer at West Castle.  Since it is the middle of winter and you may be dreaming of your next beach read, let me recommend this sweet romance.

Caitlyn Summer and Jarret West are older now, in the middle of college and at loose ends. Caitlyn is the devout Catholic, a family-oriented girl and a hard worker.  Jarret is a reformed party guy who recently came back to his faith. They both struggle with their self-image, plans for the future, and discovering the will of God for their lives. 

As the new “maid of West Castle,” Caitlyn is tasked with helping Nanny recover from double hip surgery. Caitlyn plans to save up money for college and have a nice, quiet summer retreat while she works hard around the mansion. Meanwhile, Jarret wisely decides to leave a clingy girlfriend behind on the way to an archaeology dig in Pompeii. He returns home to regroup, ride his horse, and chill. Imagine his surprise to find beautiful Caitlyn in his house, living under the same roof!  

While they struggle to put aside their differences, the tragedies in Jarret’s past threaten to overwhelm any sense of peace between them. Are they meant to be together, farfetched as it sounds? Can people like Jarret truly repent and change course in a dramatic fashion? Or will rumors and gossip sink their summer, and their budding romance?

The best part of this book is the way Linden writes each chapter from the perspective of either Caitlyn or Jarret, so we can hear their thoughts and experience their feelings. Both characters struggle, and I mean really struggle with the morality of their past and present words and actions.  It makes for an entertaining romance, especially if you have read the West Brothers series in its entirety. Recommended for ages 14 and up, and it is also a fun read for adults who love fiction (yours truly!)

To find out more about Theresa Linden, check out her webpage here.

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